Monday, April 6, 2009

Distance Makes the Heart Grow Fonder!

Well.. my new job is AMAZING!!! I LOVE it!! I get my own desk, and my own phone! I know that it is not much to brag about but working for Central Bank I never got that! lol What I do each day is update and send out reports to my district managers and their branches. Without being apart of Citi or knowing how they operate it is a little hard to explain and I won't bore or confuse you! lol But to sum it all up it is computer work! There are only five people who work in my office and three of us are Kim's!! It gets pretty funny sometimes because we aren't sure which Kim is being talked to! lol My nickname is "Special K"!! One of the DM's came up with that! lol

Me and Stacey are also moved into our new house!! It is slowly coming together!! I'm really liking it but getting super excited to start house shopping in six months!!

Ben is doing really well as well! He is flying alot! He likes that though so I'm glad that he is doing it! He will be home in four months for two weeks!! I cannot wait for that day to come when I see him get off that plane!!! I dream about that moment every day! I must say that this deployment has been hard on the both of us but I never would have thought that our love could grow any stronger than it already was... I was wrong!! My heart just wants to explode with all the love I have for him! I am so proud of him and the saying 'distance makes the heart grow stronger' is certainly true!!

Okay enough mushy talk! lol ... Rascal is doing really well. He isn't liking the hardwood floors as much but oh well. It's actually quite funny watching him fall all over the place when he gets all hyped up and starts running through the house! He is in this spell of where he wants to take Libby's stuffed animals and play with them. It's kinda cute but I know that after awhile he is going to start tearing them apart so I have to hide them from him. lol

Well.. next weekend is Easter! I will be home this weekend to celebrate it! I'm hoping my new cousin is there so I can meet him! My cousin Wes and Melynda had their first baby boy, Brody, on Thursday!!! He is freaking adorable in all the pictures that I have seen of him!! Congrats you guys!! Also I am going over to Ben's uncles house and we always play some poker so I'm going to have to find some quarters and dust off my poker skills so that I can beat him again! lol

My 21st birthday is three weeks from today!!!!! I'm freaking ecstatic!! It's a bummer that it is on a Monday but you better believe that I will celebrate when I get home the next weekend!! I have been waiting for this day for... well.. 21 years! lol haha. Also, my friend Erica gets married the day before my birthday!! I am so excited for her and Matt!!! They are so cute together and I know that they are going to have a long and healthy marriage!! I am also so glad to be helping take some of the stress off of her for that day! Me and Katy are going to be running around like chickens with our head cut off!! It will be fun though!! I can't wait!! She is going to look so pretty!!! I should have told her that Rascal and Luci (her dog and Rascal's girlfriend) should've walked down the isle together! lol haha. We could have had a double wedding! lol hahaha! Just kidding!!

Well I believe that is all I have to report for now!! Have a Happy Easter everyone!!!