Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Christmas 2009

I must say... this was one awesome Christmas!!!! I do miss Christmas last year when I went to Disney World but I am so very happy that Ben is home this year!!! I never realized just how much I loved him until he was overseas and I couldn't see him for awhile. That was def the hardest thing I have ever had to do. Thank you to everyone who was there for Ben and I during this difficult time. You guys are truly amazing and we love each and every one of you!!

Our first Christmas together as husband and wife!

Alright... on to Christmas details. Ben found out he had to work on Monday after Christmas so we decided that we would drive home on Christmas Eve instead of Christmas Day. So we packed our bags the night before and loaded the car. Christmas Eve morning Ben and I had breakfast and opened our gifts from one another. I got new boots and the GPS I have been wanting! He got three movies and then got sent on a scavenger hunt for his big gift... the grill! He really really loved it!! Now he can cook me some food every once in awhile instead of me always cooking. lol hehe just kidding. I like cooking so I don't mind.
Berkley and the Pink Panthers
We finally reached Jeff City around 5pm xmas eve night so we headed over to Ben's uncles house to have xmas with them! We had a lot of fun over there, we always do! lol We played with the little ones, played some poker and then talked the rest of the night. We finally got to my stepmoms at midnight. lol. Christmas morning we got up, went to Jack's house to have xmas with him and Cheryl, which btw, she made an awesome breakfast!!! Then we headed over to my mom's house to have xmas with her and my sister and finally we headed up to Columbia to have xmas with the McHugh's, or the one's that were there anyways. We had sooo much fun up there! The most fun I have had with them in.... well... four years! lol We played poker, laughed at poppy and his dealing of five card stud, and just BSed the whole night! We decided that if we are in town we are def going up there every year!
Ben and his cousin Cole

Saturday we headed over to Ben's grandparents house to spend a little one on one time with them. It really amazes us how different they are when it is just us compared to when everyone is there. They make fun of each other, pick on one another, and really are a lot of fun to be around. After spending about an hour or so with them we headed over to my aunt's house for the Eiken's Christmas. There was lots of good food there and plenty of yummy drinks, I believe I had seven! lol The four great grand kids were there and were a lot of fun to play with. Berkley cracks me up the most. She saw plenty of ghosts that we had to go hide from and loved playing with the pink panthers that were bigger than her. She is such a hoot! lol My sister and her fiance showed up a little later and we all played Like Minds. That was a fun game. And Josh, her fiance, finally opened up and was more sociable than I have ever seen him! Ben and I really like him so they now have our blessing, like they needed it anyways. lol hahahaha jk Robin. lol

Silly Faces!

Sunday we slept in and then headed to Ben's dad's house to go and pick up his 66 El Camino that his dad rebuilt for him while he was gone. He LOVED it! Wally made a custom design that he put on the dash and had a license plate made with the design as well! I must say, I like that car now. After we left there we headed over to Chrissy's for xmas with Sophie and Brayden. Watching Sophie get mad at Brayden for taking her toys was priceless, and then watching Brayden not share his toy from us with Sophie made it even better. Those two... you would think they were brother and sister. lol

The design on the dash of the El Camino (also on the license plate)

Finally at around 3pm we were on the road headed back for home. The whole way we had to go 60 since that was the sweet spot for the El Camino. A 6 hour trip soon turned into an 8 hour trip. Thank goodness we only had to do that once. lol

Now that we are back home we decided to get us something good with our xmas money so we headed out to the PX and got us a PS3, two more controllers for the Wii and a game for the PS3! We really love it! And they even have Bad Company for the PS3!!! I was super excited about that one since I loved that game when we used to play it on our xbox. Ben's favorite game on the PS is Call of Duty the new one and on the Wii our favorite game is Super Mario Bros!!! If you ever get a chance to play that we suggest doing it! It's alot of fun and just like the older game only better and up to four people can play at a time! :) Thanks Dad for that awesome gift!!

Well... we leave for our honeymoon in 5 days!!!! Can't wait!!!! We've waited a year and a half for this! :) I promise to take lots and lots of pics and post them for everyone to see!

I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas and has a great New Year!!!

The McHughs

Monday, December 21, 2009

The Holidays

I can't believe that Christmas is almost here! It's crazy! I love this time of year though! I love all the family time and good food! lol It's all about the food. lol well not really but its a big part! :) This is mine and Ben's first xmas together as a married couple in the same country! We have the tree up and the Christmas lights on the house!

This time of year also always reminds me of the past holidays and the great times had by all. I was going through all my old sent emails tonight, had to look for an email address and started reading, and ran across some between me and an old friend. Made me realize that when we were friends we had alot of fun times together. There are days that I miss her as a friend but other days it doesn't bother me. Everything happens for a reason and we, I guess, were not meant to be life long friends. I just wish things didn't end as bad as they did. So if you are reading this, for what it is worth, I'm sorry for how things ended between us. I wish you a life full of happiness and joy.

Anyways, I feel better now that I got that off of my chest. I believe that as one of my new year resolutions I'm going to try not to judge people as much and forgive more easily. Also, Ben and I are going to start going to church next year. There is a First Assembly of God right by our house that we have been talking about joining. He grew up in a church as a child and really liked it. I, however, didn't get to. I went to church at St. Martins with my grandparents and aunt when I was younger but not on a regular basis. Also, when Ben and I have kids, we want them to grow up in a church as well.

Well, I better end this and head off to bed. We have a busy day tomorrow! We are having our friends twin 5 year olds over to spend the night while their parents have a much needed night out to themselves. We are going to make a pizza from scratch, eat the ginger bread house, play the wii, and play with the dogs! They are bringing their nine week beagle mix puppy over for Rascal to have someone to play with! I'm sure we will also make some home made popcorn and watch some Christmas movies, that is if we can get them off the Wii! lol They love that thing! lol We are sooo excited though!!! We have been asking to watch them for awhile now! :)

Alright... off to bed I go! We hope everyone has a wonderful time with friends and family this Christmas and a safe and Happy New Year!!

The McHugh's!!

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

School Starts Next Month!!

Well... I did it. I enrolled for school today! My first class in Jan 11th and I should graduate Sept 24th... yes... just nine months after I start. It is a fast paced program and going to be a lot of hard work but I think, with the help of my wonderful husband, I can do it! I just have to be determined and really focused. I'm not going to lie, I am scared, but I'm ready. I want to have a career that I love doing. I don't want to be one of those people that hates getting up every morning to go to work. So now... while I'm in school... I'm going to try to get a PT job to help pay for the gas to and from Nashville. I just hope I can find a bank job or better yet, a job in a hospital or doctor's office. We shall see. God knows what is best for me, I just have to believe in him and trust him that he will lead me down the right path.