Thursday, May 28, 2009

Summer is finally here!

Where to begin?
First off lets start off a few weekends ago. Laurenn and Keitan came up to see me. Friday, when they got up here, there was a tornado or 'potato' as Keitan calls it! So we went downstairs! Then Saturday we watched movies and went to Chucky Cheese!! Now I haven't been there in a long time but I must say that their pizza is still one of my favorites!! We had a lot of fun!

The next weekend, the 22nd of May, I got off work early and went down to Jeff City to see my sister graduate high school. I feel old! lol Of course, like always, there were a lot of kids. My stepmom and I only stayed until they called her name and then we left. Cheryl ended up going home but I went out to Bones and the to "The Spot" with Erica and Katy!! That was a lot of fun! I missed hanging out with them. And it was nice seeing Erica drunk for once! lol

Saturday I went over to my mom's for a bit, Erica and I went shopping, went to my aunt's to see my new baby cousin, and then went to Rochelle's. Laurenn and I ended up going to Bones. Saw some people I hadn't seen in awhile and had a lot of fun!! I love being 21 now!

Sunday I was going to drive back to IL to move into my new apartment but I couldn't get myself to stop feeling like I was sleep walking, therefore, I went over to Cheryl's friends house and had Taco's and watched the movie, Taken! Good movie!! Monday, I got up early, went to Ju-Ju's house to see Brayden and so she could see Ben's Afghanistan pics and then headed back to IL.

Let me back up the train just a tad. I decided to get my own apartment for the next six months, until Ben comes home, because me and Stacey were not getting along. I was not agreeing with the stuff she was doing and didn't want to be in that situation any longer so me and Ben decided it was best for me to move out. I got the keys to my new place on Friday, and moved in on Monday! I love it! I live about 10 min from work, and am just around the corner from a major street here in Springfield. I have had a lot of people ask, "Why don't you just move back home?" The answer to that is because I love my job. If I didn't love my job then I would have no reason to stay up here and I would move back but this job opens up so many more doors for me and my career and I don't want to give that up!

Today, 5-28-09, was a pretty amazing day!! My wonderful husband sent me part of my one year anniversary gift!! its a diamond bracelet in the shape of hearts! I love it! He claims that he has more tricks up his sleeve, so we will see what else I get! I sent his box off today!!! I can't tell you, just yet, what I got him but I know that he will LOVE it!!! I can't wait until he gets it!!!

Can you believe that our one year anniversary is next weekend?? I'm in total shock. Where has the past year gone? I do miss my wedding day very much! It was one of the best days of my life! It went by way to fast!

Well, that's all I have for now. I will try to update more often!

I hope everyone has a great weekend!! Time to put the swim suits on and go swimming!!! Yay!!!

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Mother's Day Weekend!

Happy Mother's Day to all the mothers out there!
Now that that is out of the way let me tell you how my weekend went. First of all, my friend Laurenn came up to Springfield!!!! I was so happy that she came!! We ended up leaving town and going to a friends house for the night. Of course we go out, I get drunk, come home, and stub my little toe, ending up breaking the darn thing!! It's pretty funny now but at the time, man did it hurt!!! lol
Saturday we went to the mall and walked around, came back to my house, rested, went tanning, and then went and saw the new movie "Ghost of Girlfriends Past" Man that was a great movie!! I loved it!!
Then this morning came and she went home to spend mother's day with her little boy!!
It was a very good weekend!! I loved not having to drive down to MO for once! lol

On Friday, however, I got the best email of my life!!! I went to lunch, came back and found that I had an email from my wonderful husband!!! I'm not going to tell you what all it said but it was a very very sweet email!! Like a love note but only in email format since he is half way around the world!!! It brought tears to my eyes!!

Anyways... I think I'm done writing for now!! Have a great week everyone and GO CARDINALS!!!

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Finally 21!!!

I have finally made it!!! After waiting 21 long years, I can now order a drink with my dinner!! The feeling of having that option is absolutely awesome!!! My actual birthday was on a Monday. My friend, Dustin, came home for his R&R that day so that was awesome!! After that we all just went out to dinner and grabbed a few drinks!
My birthday bash was this past weekend on the 2nd of May!!! It was alot of fun. First we had dinner at Chili's in Jefferson City. Family and friends were both there. After that my friends and I went out to Bones! I must say though that my favorite part of the night was when my friend Betsy showed up!!! I hadn't seen her in almost a year and I have really missed her! Bets, thank you so much for coming out!!!!!!!
My first shot of the night was a shot called 'Wet Pussy'. Weird name but man did it taste good! I really liked it!! I also had a 'Girl Scout Cookie', 'Three Wise men' which by the way was disgusting, 'Tequila Shots', and some bombs! After we were done at Bones we headed to the Lake of the Ozarks and went to the Blue Room!! Even though it was hot in there it was alot of fun!!!
I must say that that was the best birthday by far!! Thank you to everyone that came out and celebrated with me!!! I love you all!!!

{My Girls and Me}

Two Become One!

There is only one word to describe the wedding between Erica and Matt... BEAUTIFUL!!!! Erica was the most gorgeous bride I have ever seen, besides myself of course! It was an absolute beautiful day and I am so happy for the two of them. They are like two peas in a pod! The complete each other!!

Matt and Erica... I am so happy for you guys! You guys have been the best friends that everyone wishes they had!! I am so honored to have that type of friendship with you two!! Every time I see you two together all I can do is smile! You both remind me of Ben and I and that only makes me happier! I am so glad that you two finally tied the knot!! Matt, take care of her and Erica do that same for Matt!! I love you both!!
Also that weekend, Laurenn, Beau, and I went to Ben's cousin, Kiley's wedding. Her wedding was also very beautiful! Her dad made her a gazebo in the backyard just for the event.
Kiley and Mick... Ben and I are very happy for you two! Ben really wished that he could have been there to be apart of your special day for you, but he sends his love and his blessings. We love you both very much and we know that you two will have a long and happy life together!