Saturday, November 29, 2008

2 weeks and counting...

Well I had s good Thanksgiving for the most part. It is my favorite holiday because of all the good food and not everyone is so greedy with presents like they are for Christmas. Me and Ben did the whole Black Friday thing and went to Walmart at 4am and got our first Christmas tree for $25 and a 6 piece luggage set for only $44! We were pretty excited! We then went to Kohl's and I got a few things to decorate our house with for when Ben gets back from Afghanistan.
Speaking of Afghanistan Ben deploys in a little over two weeks. For the most part I have been telling myself that the time is aways away and it will come slowly. Not quite sure who I was trying to kid. Now that Thanksgiving is over the time seems to just keep going and going and going like the energizer battery. I wish those batteries would die so that time would slow down just a little bit. It is just weird to think that for Christmas, our first Christmas together since we have been married, he won't be here. I gave him his present last night and I could tell that it touched him deeply. Thank you to all of those who helped make it as special as it is. He said that when he was looking at it he couldn't believe that he was actually going over. I guess the book reminded him that he really is going. He keeps telling himself that he is only going to be gone for a few weeks. I hope that it only feels like a couple of weeks but I know that is not going to be the case. I did tell him last night though, that a few things he could focus on while is was over is that when he gets back we can get a new puppy like he wants and start a family. I know that will help him over there, it will help me while I'm here waiting for him. I have never done anything this hard in my life and I'm not looking forward to it either. But I know that we can do it. We are both strong people and our love for each other is even stronger. Just like I told him.. I could not ask God for a better best friend and I am glad that he had a part in me and Ben falling in love. I am honored to be Ben's wife and even more honored to be an American Soldier's wife! I could not be more proud of him for what he is doing. He is my number one hero and will always be.
Well I guess I'll quit rambling on for now. I will keep everyone updated on how he is doing over there and what all is going on. I am leaving on Wednesday (12-3-08) to go down to TN and spend two weeks with him before he leaves. Please keep Ben in your prayers this holiday season and for the whole time he is over there. I will be praying everyday for him to be safe and come home soon! I love you Ben!


  1. So... I just saw that Ben made a blog and I read the description of himself and my eyes started to water. Then I saw that I was under his "Friends" and I lost it. Its hard actually knowing someone who is going overseas. I'm SO glad that he has a blog so I and everyone else can stay in touch with him. I adopted a soldier! What do you think I should say in my first letter? Any ideas? I have no idea since I've never talked to the guy before.

  2. hey! i was just curious how you got your scrapbook look at the top of your page? is that one of the backgrounds or did you do that on your own?
    hope all is well :)


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