Thursday, November 20, 2008

Busy Busy Busy!!!

I feel like my head has been spinning for two weeks straight now. With everything going on with finishing up school and Ben deploying I don't have time to do anything else! I am almost done with school though! Only two more weeks left and Im done for the rest of my life!! I cannot wait! I was a little hesitant about coming back for this fall semester knowing the Ben was going to be deploying as soon as I was done or even before. I almost stayed down in TN to spend time with him but we both agreed that it made more since and it was the smarter choice for me to come back up to MO and finish my college education. I am so glad that we decided that! Im not saying it hasnt been hard but it has def. been worth it! Now with his deployment.. that's a different story. We were told that it would be around the 16th of December then it got pushed up to the 1st of December. Now we finally have it in writting that he is leaving Sunday December 14th. :( Not really a day I am looking forward to but it is something that most of us Army Wives have to go through. That is the vow we took when we married our solider! I must say thought that I would not trade this life for anything! I love my life!
Ben does get to come home for Thanksgiving! He will be home Wednesday and leaves on Sunday! Im super excited! We are celebrating our Christmas while he is here! I leave the 3rd of December to go down to TN until the 16th to see him off and finish packing all of our stuff down there. I'll come back to work on the 17th to get my mind off of everything and that next weekend (the 20th) is the Central Bank Xmas party and Im def going to that to have some fun! Christmas day im leaving to go to Florida to see Mickey and Minni for a whole week! Im excited! I wish Ben could go but in honor of him I am designing a shirt to wear while I am down there that has a prayer on the back of it for him with our picture and then on the front it says "Half of my heart is in Afghanistan" with the same heart that is on the back on the front just with his picture in it!
Well I think im done rambling on for now! Have a Happy Thanksgiving!!!

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