Monday, January 11, 2010

Dominican Republic

Only one word describes this vacation.... A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!!!!! We both had so much fun and we learned a lot more about one another as well. It's weird, but good, but ever since we got home it seems like our marriage is even better now than it was before we left. I'm not sure why I am surprised or making a big deal about it cuz it's not like our marriage was bad but I think it's the way we look at each other now seeing that we were down in this foreign country with nothing to do but keep each other company. No phones, No relatives or friends, and only a small amount of tv at night.

So Saturday the 2nd we drove up to St. Louis to meet my stepmom so she could take Rascal and watch him for us while we were away. After meeting up with her we headed over to my aunt Margie's house to hang out with them for awhile. We always have a lot of fun when we go over there, just wish we could do it more often. We ended up going out to dinner at the best restaurant ever, Tony's, and then went back to their house to do Christmas with my grandpa and Mary. Around eight we headed back to our hotel since we had to get up at five to head to the airport for our seven am flight.

After four hours later we were finally landing in the warm and sunny Dominican Republic! We headed into their airport, which has no windows!, to go through customs and then were on our way to the hotel. Our resort was about an hour away and with our driver's crazy driving and all the pot holes in the road, I'm surprised I made it off of there alive. I was so nauseous. Ben said I had absolutely no color to my face. lol Thank goodness though that once we reached our destination they handed us cold towels so I could put them around my neck to keep me from getting sick. lol For the remainder of the afternoon we walked around the resort and down along the beach.

Monday morning we got up once again headed for the beach. We only had a few hours there until we had to be up at the lobby to catch our bus to go on our first excursion, Snorkeling! We drove for about an hour before we reach a place in the southern Dominican where we were in the Caribbean Sea, since where we were was the Atlantic still. After everyone had their pictures taken we all loaded onto the boat and set sail until we got to a place where there were alot of coral reefs for us to snorkel around. I must say... that was the most beautiful sight that I have ever seen in my life. I didn't want to get out of the water! It was truly amazing! While snorkeling we saw fish, of course, sharks, (the vegetarian ones) and stingray (we also got to hold one). After snorkeling was over we headed over to a natural swimming pool where we all jumped in and had a few drinks from the floating bar. Around Five pm or so, after we had a chance to purchase the dvd from the trip and our stingray picture we headed back to the hotel to grab a bite to eat, watch the Magic Show and head off to bed.

Tuesday we did nothing but spend all day relaxing at our resort. We walked the beach for about an hour, swam, ate lunch then went out kayaking! Besides snorkeling, that is my new favorite thing to do! The first big wave I made it over but Ben didn't. lol The second big wave we had I wasn't turned around all the way, and this wave just picks me up on the top of it to where I'm surfing on it in my kayak for about an eighth of a mile! I really thought I was done for. I was so happy that I didn't get pulled under though! I looked back at Ben and was like " that was awesome", he was a little jealous! lol hehe. Once we were coming in though one of the resort photographers was waiting for us to take our picture, so of course we let him! lol hehe

Wednesday morning we got up and headed back to the lobby to go on yet another excursion we planned. This one was an all day thing where we went to Saona Island. We took an hour long bus ride to where the Catamaran (sp?) picked us up and took us for an hour and a half long boat ride before we finally reached the island where they had lunch, and drinks of course, waiting for us! The Caribbean Sea, where we were, was absolutely amazing! Saona Island was beautiful as well. I loved the white sand and the crystal blue water! And not to mention the hammocks!

Once we left the island we all loaded into speed boats to head over to yet another natural swimming pool. This pool was the best. At times the water was up to your knees, and there were points where it was just chest high. While in this 'pool' we also found two starfish! Those things are really neat, and big! They can only be out of the water for no more than two seconds before they start to die. I really wanted to take one home with me but I didn't want to kill the little fella so I put him back where he belonged.

Once we made it back to the hotel we put on our best outfits and went out to dinner for the last time :( After dinner we watched the 'All Stars' show for a little bit after losing $30 in the casino. lol

Thursday morning came, a little too fast if you ask us, and we had to pack our bags and leave, but not before one more walk on the beach. It was such a beautiful morning. Well before the rain moved in. lol Our plane took off at 2pm that afternoon and we finally landed in St Louis about 5:30 central time to gusting winds and about four inches of snow. lol Once we made it back to our car I called Tony's to place a carry out order, hehe, and then we were on our way to Jeff City to spend the rest of the weekend.

While in Jeff we went out to lunch with my sister, stepmom, and aunt. Had dinner over at Ben's grandparents house, went to El Jim's for Katy's bday party, went bowling with some awesome and hilarious friends of ours and then had breakfast Sunday morning with my 'lil pimp' at Mel's. In case you are wondering, my 'lil pimp's' name is Brett! He loves me (more than his momma sometimes) and someday I'm gonna adopt him. lol hehe
We are finally home now and couldn't be happier! I missed home... ALOT! lol

I started my first day of my nine month x-ray tech program today. It went really well and I think I'm really going to enjoy doing this. The only downfall... getting up at 5am every morning and driving an hour to Nashville for class. lol Oh well... I will manage. lol just gotta go to bed earlier. lol hehe.

Well we hope everyone had a great New Years and that the start to 2010 is bringing you lots of happiness. As for some friends of ours, please know we love you and are praying for your soldier's safe return home! God Bless all of our soldiers!

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