Saturday, February 27, 2010


A lot has happened since my last post. My little sister got married on Feb. 20th, my best friend got engaged, more friends of ours found out they are going to be parents for the first time, and Ben turned 22!! Where to start... lol

Robin, my little sister, married Josh Elliott on Feb 20th. It was a very beautiful wedding and Ben and I couldn't be happier for them. The day started off great. Ben and I met up with my step mom and my aunt and uncle for breakfast that morning before my hair appointment. Hardees have some of the best hash-rounds. hehe. 10am was my hair appointment and I went in there having no idea what I wanted to do. I told Lesha that I wanted it simple, half up and elegant and she took it from there! She did a wonderful job! Next we got in the car and drove to the other side of Jefferson City to go and have my make-up done by the best make-up artist I know... Barb Perkins! Ben hung out in the "man cave" with Barb's husband (our friend Philip's dad) while Barb worked her magic! If you ever need anyone to do your makeup, I HIGHLY recommend Barb! Finally, after I was all prettied up, we headed to the church to get ready. My sister was already there chillin and after a half an hour we were all dressed and ready to go. We took the pictures first that didn't require Josh and Robin to be together and then the ceremony was about ready to go. Everything was going good at first until I found out how the seating arrangement was supposed to be in the front row. I'm not going to get into all the details and what not but when I discussed this with my mother and how I wanted Ben to sit between my dad and Cheryl (his ex-wife, my step mom) she jumped my case about it and wouldn't quit. You know they say that you are supposed to treat people the way you want to be treated, well, my mother should really listen to that. So I walked out of the church and thank goodness some of my family was out there to give me a beer! Thanks uncle Glen! :) All in all the ceremony went well and turned out very beautiful! As did the rest of the day, except for a few minor things that didn't go according to planned, but hey, that's life! I must say though that, that night (after Robin left) was a life changing night for me! I feel like a giant brick has been lifted off my shoulders and I couldn't be happier!

{The wedding party}


Sunday morning Ben and I got up early, went to Mel's (the best restaurant btw) with my dad and his girlfriend and then headed on our long journey home! While we were driving I found out that one of my best friends got engaged over the weekend!!! Of course I had to find out over freaking facebook, and believe me she got an earful for that (hahah jk Kristi). I had known that her (Kristi) and Lance had been talking about marriage for awhile now but I had thought that Lance was going to wait for a little while until he proposed. He fooled me and her I think! lol haha! So of course the wedding planning has begun, and on Thursday, Feb 25 she officially asked Ashely, Michelle and I to be her bridesmaids!!! I'm not going to speak for them but I couldn't be more honored! I believe she is looking at a fall wedding so that Ben can be in the wedding (an usher) and actually be there (hopefully he isn't training). Lance, I do want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for making Kristi so happy and for being such a great 'step-dad' to Brett! Both of them are so lucky to have you, as you are lucky to have them! I believe that you guys will make a great couple and and ever greater family! Congrats to the three of you!!

I now have an 'old timer' on my hands. lol Ben turned 22 on Thursday the 25th! It was such a blessing to have him state side and home this year for his birthday! Of course he had to fly that day so he didn't get home until I was already in bed so we celebrated Friday! We had some friends over for some goo lash and cookie cake! Happy Birthday babe!

{We are going to make cute kids some day! lol}

Today, the 27th we found out that our friends, Joline and Philip Perkins are going to be parents for the first time! We couldn't be happier for them!

Wheww... that was a lot! jk. Ben and I are good. I am about to finish up with my second class and Ben has finished his first class! It's hard to believe that we are both in school! And let me tell ya, it can be really stressful at times! If only people could be as smart as me! HAHAH JUST KIDDING! The class that I am about to finish up is Technique Math. I know I know, you are probably getting sick to your stomach as you read over the word math but for me, it comes easy. Call me a nerd but I actually like it! I have even proven the teacher wrong a couple of times. lol Ben is about to start his College Math class. I'm excited for him because I know that he will need my help and I love math so I'm going to love helping him!

Some more interesting news is that my sister and new brother-in-law are being transferred to Fort Campbell so you all know what that means... we are getting new neighbors! lol Well not technically but I'm sure we will be seeing a lot more of them now that they are going to be living down here. To say the least, it should be interesting, fun but interesting. I'm actually excited to see what all of this will bring!

Other than all of that, nothing else is going on with us. Just living our daily lives and falling more and more in love with each other every day! I truly am blessed to have him in my life and thank God everyday for leading us to one another.

"All life is an experiment. The more experiments you make the better." Ralph Waldo Emerson

{Ben and I with our new bro-in-law}

{My all time favorite pic of Ben and Brayden. Too cute}

{Aren't they adorable? I just love these two to peices!!!}

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