Friday, March 19, 2010

Spring is FINALLY here!

{AP Lumbar Spine}

Can you believe it? After what seems like an eternity, warm weather has finally found it's way back to us! I'm super excited! My favorite part of this season is being able to open up my windows and let all the fresh air fill up the house! Oh, and not to mention, driving with your sunglasses on, radio turned up and the windows down! ☺

These past couple of weeks have been busy and not to mention, a bit stressful. lol First of all my sister and her husband got transferred down here from Ft. Sill. They stayed with us for about a week until they found a house to rent. After a week of doing "bitch" work here at Ft Campbell, Josh finally got into his unit and found out that he will be deploying the beginning of April. I can't believe it is so soon already. We will be praying for him while he is over there and try to keep Robin busy until she leaves to go over in Oct. It's crazy to think that this time next year my brother-in-law, sister, AND husband will all be overseas. I am so proud of each and every one of them and will be praying for their safe return home!

School has also taken up a lot of our time but we can't complain since we both love it! Ben's schooling is going really well. He is in this third week of his Math class and has gotten 100% on his past two tests... all without my help! :) I'm very proud of him. School for me is going really well. Right now we are learning about the spine and have taken a couple x-rays already of the thoracic and lumbar spine! I never would have thought in a million years that I would like taking x-rays or even like anything in the medical field. I am so grateful that I looked into this and gave it a try. I really do think this is what I was meant to do. One of the goals in my life is to have a career that I love. Not a career that I continually ask myself "What was I thinking?" And I'm very excited that I will be able to, in a couple of months, place a big fat check mark next to that goal!

Yesterday, March 18, was quite an interesting day. As I do every morning, I left the house around 10 til 6 to head to school. I get to the outside of Nashville and notice that there is a bunch of smoke coming from my car. I glanced down at my temperature and saw that the needle was ABOVE the hot line. I got a little worried, pulled over, and called Ben. He talked to his sergeant and within a matter of minutes was on his way to rescue me. In the meantime I called a friend from school, Toni, and she just so happened to have coolant in her car! Thank goodness! So when she got there we added some and I then had her follow me to school. At times I could go 55 with the temp staying at normal and then at other times I could only go 30mph. Let me tell you, that morning sucked but we finally made it to school. Not to mention, I heard them mention me on the radio. hahaha. Sorry Nashville drivers! I was in class for about 15 min when Ben called and told me he was there so I went out and gave him my keys. At 8:30, when we have our break, I went outside to see if he figured it out. No such luck. He said he was going to have to take it up the street to the mechanics. Before he took it up there he came in and met everyone from class and enjoyed our break with us. Thank goodness the shop wasn't busy so they got my car in right away. Go to find out, I blew the top of my radiator. Not a clue as to how I did that. lol They said it just happens with the wear and tear of a car. So $400 later, my car has a brand new radiator and is as good as new. I am very grateful to Ben's platoon sergeant, Ben, and Toni for helping me out that day! I don't know what I would have done without them! Thanks you guys!

So needless to say, the trip we had planned to go back to Jefferson City this weekend was canceled. We know everything happens for a reason but we were really looking forward to going home. Tonight, Friday, we were going to go to my aunt's hall for a comedy show and dance. I have yet to attend an event that they have held and was looking forward to supporting them tonight. Saturday morning we were going to head to Ju-Ju's house to play with Brayden and Sophie before Julie's Tastefully Simple Party started at noon. However, the thing I was looking forward to the most was going to Victoria's Bridal with my friend Kristi, who is getting married next year, to watch her try on wedding dresses and for us bridesmaids to try on bridesmaids dresses! It was going to be so much fun! Darn car! lol I know she will have a blast tomorrow though and I can't wait to see pics and hear all about it.

So now we have planned a trip to come home for Easter. That will be the last time we are home for awhile though since all of our vacations will be coming up shortly after that! We can't wait! NC for Memorial Day weekend, CMA Fest with my aunt and uncle in June, a wedding in June, and then ALASKA in July for a week! Not to mention, July is my last month of class before my externship! WHOO HOO!!!

Enjoy the warm weather and WELCOME SPRING! (oh how I have missed you ☺)

Until next time....

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