Friday, April 9, 2010

Easter Weekend

What's better than spending Easter with the people you love? Nothing! Easter this year was awesome! Ben was home, the weather was beautiful and we were surrounded by all the people we love! We got into town Friday night and had dinner at Buffalo Wild Wings with my stepmom! After that we headed to TG's to have a couple drinks! To our surprise two of our really good friends walk into the door! Yep you guessed it... Kristi and Lance! We had so much fun catching up with them and listening to Kristi sing Karaoke. lol. Saturday we headed over to his uncle Dan and Cindy's and had the best breakfast I have ever eaten. I absolutely LOVE his aunt Cindy's potatoes! I have tried to make them myself but they just don't turn out the same. One of these days I'm gonna have to have her teach me! Once breakfast was over the egg hunting for the little kids began! It's always such a joy to watch little kids find the Easter eggs! When I was little that was my favorite thing about Easter. Heck who am I kidding... I still love to hunt for Easter eggs! lol

Later on that afternoon we headed over to Chrissy's house to celebrate Easter and Sophie and Brayden's birthdays with them since we won't be home for their parties. We got Sophie some Strawberry Shortcake and Little Pony stuff! Brayden got a bunch of outside toys that he will be able to play in his sandbox! I think I had more fun playing with their toys then they did! (They were eating their candy from their Easter eggs from us. lol) Kids toys nowadays are so much fun!

Chrissy, Brad, and Sophie had to go have Easter with the YaYa so the McHugh's and Carroll's left and headed to Walmart. We had to go for an oil change, Adam wanted potatoes. lol Lets just say I have never had so much fun at Walmart as I did that day. First we went into the bike isle and I rode this little kids bike. Brayden was eyeballing me the whole time. When I got off he started grabbing for it so I said... hey, why not!? lol I held onto him as he put one of his little feet onto the petals and turned the handle bars like he knew what he was doing! It was so cute! If only we had gotten a picture of the smile on this face. :) After that, while his mommy, daddy, and Ben were shopping, Brayden ran around the isles giggling as I chased after him. By the time we had to leave, the poor little guy was covered in sweat. But if I do say so myself... he was having a pretty good time! :)
The next morning was Easter Sunday. And what a fabulous day it was to worship the Lord. That morning we had breakfast with Ben's dad before we left for home. On our way out, we stopped over at my cousin's house and cracked some jokes for awhile. Also, not to mention... ate some of the M&M's that were in the kid's Easter eggs. lol shhh... don't tell. lol
About 2pm we finally got on the road and started heading back home. So to sum it all up, we had a pretty great Easter this year!

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