Sunday, April 18, 2010


Who doesn't love flowers? They are beautiful and always put a smile on your face! With that in mind, I decided that I wanted to redo and extend the flower garden that was currently outside of my house. The garden was directly in front of the porch and consisted of six bushes and two itty bitty things of flowers. The bushes... well... lets just say that they were not my favorite. The previous home owners had three sets of them. Two bushes at either end and two in the middle. And I don't know about you, but I am very OCD when it comes to things matching; and these bushes didn't match. They were two different shades of green that just did not go together. Have a look for yourself...

See what I mean? UGLY! lol

My best friend Betsy and her boyfriend Allen came down this weekend to help me take care of the ugliness and turn it into something beautiful! And we did just that! (side note... I do feel bad that the two times they have come down I have had them help me with something. The first time... paining. Now... planting. Next time Bets... I PROMISE we will hang out and not work! lol I guess that's what happens when you have a version of Martha Stewart has your best friend! :))

First we started with digging up the bushes. A lot harder than it sounds. Apparently our yard is nothing but rocks... YIPPEE! (hints the sarcasm) lol Once we dug the bushes up it was time to plant the Holly bushes! We got those in the ground in no time. The Lilies, on the other hand, were a different story. While I was digging my hole, my shovel hit this, what I thought was a rock at first, duck taped "thing." I had no idea what it was and didn't want to pull it out of the ground in case it was something important. Low and behold it wasn't, so Allen pulled it up and when Ben got home that night he had Ben open it. It ended up being a bottle of dirt wrapped up in, what seemed like, an entire roll of duck tape. However, at first we thought maybe some cocaine was in that bottle, so once Ben got it open he started sniffing. The funniest thing ever! lol I guess this goes to show you never know what could be buried in your flower garden! lol

Back to digging holes for the lilies... After the lilies, zebra grass, another bush and flower that I forgot the names of were planted, the weed barrier in place, and the rocks down for decoration, we were FINALLY done! Here's the finished product...

I think it turned out AMAZING and I thank Betsy and Allen for all of their hard work! I could not have done this without them! Thank you guys so very much!


Later that night, Ben finally got home! Allen was happy! lol I guess too must estrogen for the day and needed a man to talk to! lol We got to hang out with him for about an hour and then we headed uptown to go to the Charlie Daniels concert, for free I might add, while Ben went to bed. (He is in WLC and has to be up super early in the morning so for the next 13 days he will be in soldier mode all day, except for when he is home to sleep.) The concert was pretty good! Of course there were a ton of people up there, but hey it's free... what do ya expect! lol However, before Charlie could even get his first song completed the lady in front of us fainted. Poor thing. I hope she ended up being alright. Allen and some people around us tried standing her up, only for her to fall again. Thank goodness there was a nurse standing right behind me that came up and helped her. Once the EMT's got there, they walked her out. Her poor little boy had no idea what was going on with his mommy. I'm sure she ended up being alright, probably got to hot or something, but man.. it sure was scary!

Well... it is now Sunday afternoon. Bets and Allen have left, Ben is at WLC til atleast 7 tonight, and Rascal is sleeping. What to do, what to do! Good thing Army Wives is on tonight! Man do I love that show! lol

I hope everyone had an awesome weekend! Until next time....

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