Tuesday, May 25, 2010

I'm a strong minded person...

"I am a strong minded person. I say what I want to say, when I want to say it (most of the time). I have been walked on in the past and will not let it happen to me again so If I call you out on something, even something small, I am not doing it to cause problems, I am doing it to get it off of both of our chests so that the air is clear." This would be one of my facebook status' for the day. Let me start from the beginning...

"I am a strong minded person..." - This is pretty self explanatory. Ever since before I can remember I have been this way. I do not have a problem expressing how I feel, most of the time. lol I feel that, even some of the small things, once you get them off your chest you feel better. You know that it is out in the open and you can move on. Bottling everything up inside is not healthy. You end up becoming unhappy and everything that person does will end up getting on your nerves until one day, you just snap. I know this first hand. My mother and I have this kind of relationship. Ever since I was small I would see and hear stuff she would do and I would just keep my mouth shut. After I got kicked out of her house and she never called to talked to me I just kept it to myself. Don't get me wrong, I talked to my dad and stepmom about it but never to her. She confronted me at my wedding about how she was upset I didn't involve her in anything and I just blew it off because I wasn't going to let her ruin my day. While my sister was planning her wedding, Joy (my mother), did some stuff that was making Robin, my sister, upset but once again, I just kept it to myself. However, the day of my sister's wedding Joy crossed the line and I finally started letting things out. I tried to tell her how I felt, but of course she kept interrupting me, which gets me even more heated, so I just stopped and tried to walk away. Finally, about two weeks or so after the wedding I had had enough. I had not gotten an apology for what she did to me at the wedding so I decided that I would write a letter. I knew that was the only way that I could get my entire point across without being interrupted. Long story short, I feel much better now that everything I had bottled up inside me for a good 10+ years is finally out in the open. It was tearing me up inside... but not anymore. I will admit that a lot of the things I said in the letter probably hurt her but the truth hurts sometimes. I know that sounds harsh but I don't know how to put it any other way.

There is also something else that I have kept bottled up inside that I have never spoke to the person or people about. I'm not sure why I haven't said anything to them about it. I honestly couldn't tell you. However, I'm ready to get it off of my chest. Even if it is only on here and they will probably never read it. lol

When I sit at the same table as you and ask you a question and you ignore me, or you give me dirty looks from across the way or you even plan on convincing my husband (fiance at the time)to not marry me (even though you didn't, it's the thought that counted) it upsets me. I have done nothing but be nice to all of you and I get treated like dog crap. I understand that you don't see your nephew near as much anymore but that is not my fault. Not only is he married to me but he is married to the Army as well. I am more the mistress actually. lol You should always treat people the way you want to be treated and unless you want to be treated like dog crap as well then please stop treating me like that. Another thing, I honestly don't mind if the people in question do not like me. I understand that I am hard headed and can rub people the wrong way but the least you can do is respect me. I am a human being just the same as you.
For a side note, don't tell someone you are going to do something, (ie tell someone you are going to visit them and tell them you are going to send them gifts while they are overseas fighting for your freedom) and then don't. It does hurt a person and makes them think you don't care. Just look at it as if the situation were reversed.

Like I said before, I do not say stuff to cause problems. I simply do it to feel better and to get it off my chest so I don't become unhappy. I am a very happy person and would like to stay that way!

If I have offended anyone I am truly sorry. Have a blessed week.

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