Wednesday, September 24, 2008

The Countdown Has Begun...

Ben had a pre deployment meeting on Thrusday 9.18.08. They talked to him about alot of different stuff. When he came home last weekend he brought me this big packet full of papers I have to read over and fill out. In these papers it talks about getting a will and a power of attorney. We knew we were going to do the power of attorney but we didnt expect to have to get a will. At first I was freaking out. I dont want to get a will and jinx the chance that my husband might not come back home to me. But the more and more I thought of it I realized that we need one anyways, whether he was going over or not, because if something were to happen to either one of us and we didnt have a will then the government would decide how to split up my life insurance and vise versa. Its really just alot to think of. I never thought this day would actually get here. And really its not even here yet. They have told him it could be anytime between Dec 1-10 and now they are saying December 16th. Part of me just wishes that he was already over so that way he could come home sooner. I cant believe that my best friend is going to be gone for a whole year. I am glad though, that I am going to have Stacey and Libby to keep my company
every night. Stacey's husband is going over with Ben so we decided it would help us out greatly if we lived together since we would both be going thru the same thing. I am very grateful to have her as a friend!
On a more happier note, as I had mentioned, Ben came home last weekend! He was an usher in his cousins wedding so he had to come home for that. We had been having problems with his cousin and her parents for quite some time now but I think her wedding put an end to it all. Me and Ben just didnt see things their way just like they didnt see things our way. I am really grateful that Kirk came up to Ben and talked to him and then came to me and talked to me. I hated the awkardness between all of us and so did Ben. We know that it wont ever be the same anymore between all of us but atleast we arnt arguing anymore. There are still some things that I will stand up for and put my foot down but I will deal with them when/if the time comes.

Well i'm gonna end this for now. I hope everyone has a good rest of the week and weekend!

{Pictured above: Mr. and Mrs. Luke Putnam}
{Ben, Me, Bens Grandparents and his dad}

{Mr. and Mrs. McHugh}


  1. Kim, this blog made me very sad lol. But you are handling everything so well and so Grown UP. We are all going to see you so much when you go live with Stacey BUT you can only do whats best for you and not everyone else. Good Luck Girl, we all love you so much!

  2. hey kim IDK how i got here!
    but it´s a cool blog!!

    love u



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