Sunday, September 28, 2008

The things people think and make up

So.. all of this that I'm about to say cracks me up.
I used to be friends with this girl. We stopped being friends senior year in high school because she was jealous of my boyfriend who is know my husband. We started talking about 6 months ago. Just the average, "Hi how you doing? We should get together" type of thing. We never did get together though. Well in May she started dating my ex boyfriend, who I was still friends with. By the way, her and I were best friends when him and I were together. He ended up joining the Army and would call me and Ben and ask us questions about it if he needed too. When he left to go to basic training I did the courteous thing and told her that if she needed someone to talk to or needed any advice from someone that has gone though the same thing to give me a call. Well, we got to talking more, (on myspace) and she said that she missed our friendship and wanted to seriously get together and catch up when I moved back into town. I took her seriously and was willing to give our friendship another shot. In August when my ex graduated from BCT he ended up proposing to her. (Ben proposed to me that way :) lol) anyways.. I told her that if she wanted any help with the wedding or any advice that she was free to call if she wanted. I didn't really expect her to, I was just saying all of that to be nice. I had alot of people tell me that when I got engaged but I know that none of them really meant it. It's just the courteous thing to say. Apparently she thought that I was trying to take control of her and my ex's wedding and blah blah blah. I wasn't trying to do anything. I was still friends with my ex and had been for six years and I was close to his family, which still bothers her.
One thing led to another and now none of us talk which is fine with me but I just hate it when people tell lies about it all. I called my ex and told him that I wanted nothing to do with it anymore, told him EXACTLY what both her and I said and told him that I was ending it. All I was doing was being courteous and apparently that's a sin nowadays. We ended up talking about some other stuff, laughed and then I got off the phone. The next thing I know my ex cuts all ties with me, doesn't even talk to me over the Internet anymore because of her. Now she is going around telling people that I am unhappy in my marriage and I was requesting too much information and all this other crap. For one, I am the happiest I have ever been. I love Ben more than anything, and for your information me and (my ex) had been friends the whole time me and Ben have been together and it hasn't caused any trouble between us. He knows I'm not going to go and leave him, especially for (my ex). Also, it's fine if you want to tell him that he can't talk to me anymore and all that but I hope you realize that you can not choose his friends for him. If you think your marriage is going to work with you bossing him around and being immature and insecure you have another thing coming. I hate for this to sound so mean but I am sick and tired of you twisting everything I do and say around to make me look bad. I know the only reason you are doing it is to try to get his sister, who I am close with and have been for six years, against me. Here's a news flash, it's not going to happen. All you are doing is making yourself look even worse.
Another thing that had bothered her was that she heard that I said that I didn't think her and him should get married. Okay, for starters I didn't say that and IF I did why do you feel like you need my blessing to get married? YOU DON'T!!! But if you want it I will give it to you.
I guess I just don't understand why people that are insecure with their own relationship have to turn everything around and put the blame on someone else.

Sorry for all of that to be so intense.. I am just sick and tired of immature people. I wish that they would realize that I am not a bad person and all I was doing was being nice. But if they don't then it's their problem not mine. It just makes me laugh when I hear that she thinks that I am unhappy in my marriage. HAHAHAHA. You must be smoking crack if you think that. Ben is the best thing that has ever happened to me. Even though we are six hours away right now, I go to bed and wake up smiling just because I know that he is my husband. We have never been happier and it will always be like that. So please, get over yourself and start worrying about what color napkins you are going to have in your wedding!! :)

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  1. 1. People are studpid. Everyone knows you and Ben are happy. They are just too jealous to see the truth.
    2. Adam and I ARE back together! yay! As of last Monday it was official. *sigh*
    3. We really do need to get together. Mizzo is so much fun and I would love to see where your dad lives! Especially so I know where I'm going for Bens party. :0)
    4. Adam and the marines. scary. basic would prob be this coming summer. :0/


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