Monday, December 22, 2008

One week gone...

This past weekend I had more fun that I thought I would seeing that it was my first weekend without Ben. Central Bank's Christmas Party was this weekend and all I have to say is that I was feeling mighty fine that night! ;) Some interesting things ended up happening that night but we won't go into detail. They were quit funny though! lol haha.

Anyways, tomorrow makes one week since I said "See ya lata" to Ben. I must say though that the time has gone pretty fast. I am trying to keep myself busy and with being away from home for 2.5 weeks I had alot to do when I got back. Plus I am leaving Christmas Day to go to Disney World!!!!! I'm so excited! I can't wait!

I got to talk to Ben today on the phone for the first time!! I was so glad to hear his voice. I am missing him so much but knowing that he is okay and safe makes me feel ten times better. I can't give details of what's going on with him for his safety but he is doing fine. He says it's hard being away from me for our first Christmas has a married couple but when he gets back it will be that much better. We talked online for the first few nights he was gone and then we would email but until he gets into his room and gets Internet I probably won't get to talk to him again (that should only be a few more days though). I am still just so happy that he called.

It's weird too now that Ben is deployed because I don't take anything for granted like I used too. I mean I never really took spending time with him for granted but how I look at everything is different. I cherish every moment I get on the phone or Internet with him. I will drop whatever I am doing to talk to him. It is hard seeing other couples together and so happy because Ben isn't with me right now but I know that our love is much stronger because we have to go through this. I just really don't like it when people complain because they don't get to see their gf/bf/wife/husband that much when they either live with them or live in the same town as them. I just wish I could trade them places for one week so they could see just how lucky they really are. Oh well I guess.

Well I'm going to end this. Ill post again after I get back from Disney World!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to everyone. (enjoy the pics from the party)

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