Thursday, February 19, 2009

Looking up!

So... I don't really know where to begin!!! First the CitiFinanical thing... it isn't set in stone yet but my friend Laurenn says she thinks that I will get the job. Her boss said that if I didn't get it they would have called me already!!! I'm really hoping that this is true!!! I want this job really bad!!! I would probably work for Citi for the rest of my life as well since they are everywhere which is perfect with Ben being in the Army!!! yay!!!! So thank you to all who have been praying with me that I get this job!!! Keep on praying and as soon as I hear anything I will let everyone know!!!
More good news... I got my first thing from Ben today!!!! It was a Valentines Day card!! he sent it the 3rd of Feb. It apparently takes forever for them to send us anything but when we send them stuff it only takes about eight days! Its really weird but hey.. its the Army! lol
Last thing...and I have my friends Katy and Erica to thank for this... Twilight!!!! What an awesome book!!! I finished it in 4 days!!! Would have finished it quicker if I didn't watch an eight month old during the day! lol I'm now starting on the second book! At first I thought that everyone was obsessing over these books for nothing but now that I have read the first one.. I know what all the fuss is about!! So if you haven't read the books yet.. do so!! It's well worth it!
Lastly... I finally got my DVD to work and actually burn onto a DVD from my computer!!! I have had the video done for quite sometime now but it wouldn't burn onto a DVD. It was starting to make me real mad but I finally figured it out!! I made a DVD of my trip to Disney World!! I'm mailing a copy to everyone that went and Ben! Now I'm going to make a video of mine and Ben's wedding pictures!!
Well... that's all that I really have to say. Just in a really good mood today!! Hope everyone has had a great week and has a great weekend!!!

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