Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Catch up!!

I haven't posted a blog recently so I though that now would be a good time. A lot has changed since my last blog. I am now living in IL with my friend Stacey and her daughter Libby until our husbands come back from overseas. We are currently living with her parents until we both have jobs and find an apartment in Springfield, IL. She started her job working at a daycare on Monday, me, I'm still in the process. I have had an interview and really want this job at Citi Financial but now all I'm waiting on is the phone call telling me if I got it or not. In the meantime I have an interview tomorrow with a bank in Springfield for a Customer Service position. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that I get the Citi job but if I don't I'm hoping that I get a job in the banking or financial industry soon!

Ben is doing well!! I got to talk to him for an hour and a half last night!!! I really needed that!! I also got my valentines gift from him yesterday!! Its a fourth carrot, white gold, journey necklace!! I love it!! I have already sent over two boxes for him for Valentines day and I'm sending two more boxes on Friday over to him for his birthday which is on the 25th!! He'll be the big 21!!!! whoo hoo!!!

Another big accomplishment for us both is that with him being gone we are getting everything paid off!!! His computer that we had to buy last minute and my credit card are all paid off!! My car, and his credit card are the next two big things and they will both be paid off by the 15th of April!!! I am super excited because then we can start saving for brand new furniture and our honeymoon for when he comes back!!!

So even though Ben is far far away from me right now, everything seems to be going pretty good! We are both kinda glad that he is making so much that way we can finally get our feet on the ground and have a good stable foundation for when he comes back and aren't struggling for money like most newlyweds! We are very blessed to have such strong heads on our shoulders and know how to get stuff paid off and have money saved for the big plans that we have for our future!!

Well... I'm not sure if there is really anything else to post. I was trying to wait until I had a job so that I could post that news as well but that hasn't happened yet!!! lol. With this economy and what not getting a job is a little harder than it was when I applied for Central Bank at home! lol So wish me luck and enjoy the rest of the week!! Happy Valentines to everyone!!

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