Saturday, August 16, 2008

Starting a family

Our friends had a baby six weeks ago and she is the most precious little girl I have ever seen. Ever since then Ben and I have discussed when we are going to start a family. We really really want to right now but he wants to be here for the birth and if we were to get pregnant right now he would be in Afganistan when the baby would be born. He also wants to be here for the whole pregnancy and I want him to be here also. It just really sucks because we have to wait two years from now to try to start a family. It is okay though because we are both not 21 yet and I don't want to be pregnant when I turn 21 and I don't want to have the baby without him here. So for now we are just going to babysit Libby and all of our other baby friends and family members!! We also like having the time to ourselves too! So, we know what the smart thing to do is, and we are going to do it. We just can't wait for two years to get here already!

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