Tuesday, October 28, 2008


I went to my first ever Mizzou game on Saturday which was their homecoming game. That was freaking amazing. They kicked Colorado's ass 58-0! It was a little cold but it was totally worth it. When we got there we tailgated for awhile with some friends and then went into the stadium. We found our seats and then went and saw our friend Danielle at the Mizzou store. We got some tiger ears for me and some decals for our car! Thanks Danielle! I was just in aww the entire time I was in the stadium. It was sooo neat! hehe

Anyways after the game we went back to town and got all dressed up for a halloween party. My favorite costumes there were Cassandra's and Val's. They were gnomes!!

Sunday we got our first ever family portraits taken by one of Ben's family friends, Pam. She did such an amazing job. I had so much fun. The link to go and look at them is: http://capturestudios.zenfolio.com/f435175014 There will be more up later once she edits some of them. I can't wait!! I love them all already!

Well I know this one was a little short but I have to run off to class!! Enjoy the pics!

{Rochelle, Jake, Laurenn, Me, and Ben (we couldnt find Cassandra)}

more pics to come...


  1. Just found your blog! Cute couple and such cool pics! Love the Marine red with him in his uniform! You all should be so proud of your hubby for his service to this country! Hope you don't mind a stranger peeking in!
    Oh and love the little cocker spaniel he is so cute! Keep smiling and keep positive!:)

  2. Thanks! Nope dont mind at all! I do have one question tho.. I have been trying to search to see if my friends have blogger but im not sure how to search for them. Would you happen to know how?


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