Wednesday, October 22, 2008

This past weekend..

Man, O man were we busy this past weekend. We had alot of fun though. Saturday was Ben's predeployment party. We had a really good turn out! There was alot of food too! Ben knew about the party but I wanted some of it to be a suprise so I ordered him a "See ya later" cake with a transforming tank on the top of it! He really liked it. To make things even better, our friends Dustin, Stacey, and Libby came up on Thursday and stayed all weekend long. I havn't seen them since I moved back up to MO. It was just amazing to see how much Libby has grown in two months. We all had alot of fun. Saturday, my friend Erica brought her new puppy, Luci, with her and Matt to the party! Let me tell you, besides Rascal of course, she is the cutest little thing I have ever seen. I wanted to keep her but I dont think I would have gotten away with it :)

I am just so glad he is home. I love fallin asleep in his arms everynight and waking up with him next to me every morning. Im trying not to get used to it but man is it hard. lol Monday night, after I got off at News Tribune, we went out to dinner with his mom and sister who were in from Alaska, and his aunt and uncle at Applebees. It was really good to see his mom again. After we left there he took me to the Holiday Inn and told me to come up to the room in ten min. So after ten minutes I went upstairs and opened the door.. he had gotten us the excutive sweet and had lined the hallway with candles that went into the bathroom where the jetted tub was lined with candles and a big vanilla scented candle!!! It was so romantic! I fell in love with him all over
again!!! It was nice to be away from my dads house, and from everything else and just relax and enjoy our time together! I don't know what I am going to do when he is gone. I am going to miss him so much. I still have two months until he leaves so I am going to make the best out of every day! I love you so much babe!!
Well I better end this... off to the attorneys office to get Power of Attorney and then off to make our will! Wish us luck! lol


{Miss Liberty Mae}

{Some of the McHugh's}

{The Ushmans}

{Matt, Erica, Katy, Rachelle, Luci}

{The Peters}

{The Bathroom}

{What was at the end of the candle lit hallway}

{After our bath!}

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