Sunday, January 4, 2009

Walt Disney World

Disney World was AMAZING!!! I loved it!! I felt like such a kid again!!! I love how you can go to a place and everyone can have fun because there is something there for everyone!!! Our plane left at 6pm Christmas night and landed in Orlando at 9pm their time. We had a Disney World pass for seven days!! So the day after xmas we went to the Magic Kingdom, which was my favorite park! Then on Saturday Cheryl, my stepmom, her cousin came and took us to Sea World, not as much fun as Disney. Then on Sunday we went to Animal Kingdom, Monday was Epcot, Tuesday was the beach!!!, Wednesday was Magic Kingdom again, Thursday and Friday were Hollywood Studios!! My two favorite rides were the Tower of Terror and the Aerosmith ride which are both at Hollywood!! The weather was perfect while we were down there as well. We wore shorts or Capri's most days. The last two days it was a little chilly but nothing like here at home.

I also go to talk to Ben while I was down there! I couldn't believe that he could call me! I was so happy. I miss him so much and I really wanted him there but we both agreed that when we have kids and they are old enough to remember, we are going to take them to Disney World! I cant wait for that time to come!! (and yet at the same time I can! lol haha)

Well that's about all I'm going to post for now. Not really in the typing mood tonight! Enjoy the pics and Happy New Year everyone!

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